I'm a creature of habit.

The name's Marty; 20 years old.
Ian Bohen, werewolves, pirates and v-necks are the priority of this blog.

Pirate(s) on the deck

The prettiest captain
sailing the Seven Seas.
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Your teen wolf gifsets with the quotes from various tumbler posts were so brilliant, they prompted me to look at the rest of the gifsets you've made and color me impressed! They're so well done, with amazing editing. Your aus and humor are amazing!

thank you so much!

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Get to know me meme → favourite female character
If you want to fight and die for something, that’s fine with me, but do it for something meaningful.”

Omg you need to keep doing those text post edits they are literally the best thing I have ever seen

I’m glad you like them! I’ll definitely make more if I find fitting text posts :)

Just want to tell you that I am playing Assassin's Creed cause of you, for a while that I have been wanting to play but never did it but your 'spoilers' if you can call it made me play it.

hope you are having fun with it! AC are great games :)

If you don't mind me asking this completely random question, but where do you get all the text posts you use for your edits jknsdfsdkjfg Do you like, have them all saved up or is there a tumblr on here purely of text posts that other tumblr users have made?

here :)

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i love love love ur blog so much, i can't even explain how much! thank you, i really enjoy your posts and your theme and everything here is so perfect and i'm totally speechless. finally i found a blog who like to post a lot of peter/ian <3♥

oh my gosh, thank you! <3

Don't mind me just scrolling through your awesome blog and reblogging everything ily

haha, I don’t mind at all :D

thank you!

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