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Pirate(s) on the deck

The prettiest captain
sailing the Seven Seas.




imagine what stiles must look like to the other kids at beacon hills high. like he thinks that everyone thinks he’s just a loser, but they’re actually just really intimated by him? 

"that’s stiles stilinski. one time he actually kidnapped the captain of the lacrosse team. and sometimes he shows up to school with all sorts of bruises cuts. and he’s always being questioned by the police. im pretty sure he’s dating that scary guy with the leather jacket. i think they’re in a gang." 

#’i don’t know what he did to lydia martin but she talks to him now’#’i think he threatened her’#’remember they went to that dance together last year and she was in the hospital and then ran around the woods for a couple days?’#’pretty sure he hypnotized her or something’#from an outsider’s perspective stiles is terrifying (x)


Special (2006)

I wonder if there is gonna be a scene in the next episode where someone is telling Derek that his uncle was the one who originally thought of the deadpool, even if he has no memory of it at all.

Derek’s reaction would probably be


Wireless Connection - Part 46

( />O<)/ ~♥ Happy Sterek week! Double update!

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Wireless Connection Masterpost

stiles stilinski + saddest moments

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Peter Hale meme → favourite relationship
↳ “Why would I want help from a total psycho?

What are some steter blogs that you like?

I have listed some good blogs before here and here, so check those out :)

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Do you ship Stiles only with Peter or someone else too?

Peter, Derek, Lydia, Heather, Scott and Chris

also with Derek and Peter at the same time


Steter AU - Stiles starts his internship at Hale Corporation. His boss is hot.

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