First of all, I'm not a total psycho.

The name's Marty; 20 years old.
Ian Bohen, werewolves, pirates and v-necks are the priority of this blog..

Pirate(s) on the deck

The prettiest captain
sailing the Seven Seas.

I’m pretty sure this was the moment I fell in love with the way Ian portrays Peter’s character

make me choose: anon asked prince charming or captain hook

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I know, I know you get lonely sometimes
I know, I know you get lonely at night

werefoxstiles prompted: sterek + warm colours

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his face is a treasure


…and done!!! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆
I feel like this is a repeat of Plant!Tim all over again *grins*.
I just can’t stop imagining him sitting on Scott’s shoulder at important pack meetings, or Derek carrying him around in the breastpocket of that white t-shirt he has. 

Erica’d let him sit amongst her curls. You’d think Boyd would be immune from the cute but then BAM! a minifox pokes its head from the collar of Boyd’s shirt. It uses cute!eyes. It’s super effective! Isaac would let him curl in the folds of his scarves….

Ian Bohen needs to be stopped. He needs to be cloned and given to every single one of us with an interchangeable V-Neck wardrobe. He is ruining my life and only a clone of him would help ease my pains. What do you think Marty would you enjoy a personal clone of Ian Bohen?

nah mate, I will take the one and only Ian please and thank you

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sterek meme | silhouettes

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who gave ian bohen the right like honestly every time i come to your tumblr i always end up distracted looking at your sidebar gif of him

Ian is one huge distraction on legs istg

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